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The main objective of this online Drivers Education/Defensive Driving Course is to provide the knowledge and skills required for novice drivers to effectively undertake basic maneuvering and space management tasks, and make appropriate, well-thought out responsible decisions in response to observed hazards, as well as to the everyday traffic environment that a driver has to face in his or her daily commute. The course discusses the responsibilities of a driver, and the general requirements of the states' licensing system, including the common relevant traffic laws and rules of the road.

Because of an over representation of teen drivers in automobile crashes, the vaious states have passed laws that mandates that all teens who are below a certain age (starting as early as 15 and half years old in some states to 16 years in other states) must complete an approved driver education course (classroom or online), and complete a total of 40-50 hours(depending on your state) of supervised driving, at least 10 hours of which must be at night, with an affidavit from a parent or guardian that these requirements have been met.

At the end of this 30-hour driver’s education program, the novice driver should be capable of:

1. Demonstrating a working knowledge of the standard operating procedures for a motor vehicle;

2. Understanding State Laws and Regulations pertaining to the use and operation of a motor vehicle, including State vehicle and drivers licensing system;

3. Understanding the effects of natural laws on a vehicle, and how forces affect their driving in a crash, and the effects of momentum, gravity, and inertia on vehicle control and balance, and the relationship between kinetic energy and force of impact;

4. Searching visually to obtain appropriate information in order to make reduced-risk decisions about driving maneuvers;

5. Managing effectively the space around the vehicle, by either reducing speed or maneuvering the vehicle so as to reduce risk or avoid collisions;

6. Interacting with other users of the roadways in a responsible and morally-correct manner;

7. Driving safely in different environment, and in different weather and road conditions;

8. Ensuring oneself and others’ safety by enforcing the use of occupant restraint system and other safety devices in the vehicle;

9. Understanding the physical and psychological conditions affecting driver performance; and

10. understanding the need and seriousness to undertake supervised training session with a licensed parent/guardian/mentor in order to develop in a precise manner the skills and knowledge required for safe driving.

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